New Name Same Drive for Success


New Name Same Drive for Success

True North Coaching and Consulting celebrated the rebranding of the company on the 11th April 2019 in Hyde Park, Johannesburg. The company has embraced the need for change as they head into their 16th year of business with this renewed energy, the company has rebrand- ed to ‘Nabantu’ – meaning with people.

The company was established in 2003, and as part of the next step in their journey, has chosen to rebrand to match the evolution of the partners and clients. Nabantu’s partners, Phephile Simelane and Sue Welman expressed what the rebranding signifies and the path forward: “We’ve gone through a number of evolutions, and for me, it’s very much the next step in our journey,” said Welman. According to her, the old identity of True North Coaching and Consulting no longer fully reflected who they were as a business and it was time to claim a new identity that represents the growth, the change and the maturity that has occurred over the last 16 yers. Phephile Simelane, added on to what her partner said, saying “It was about stepping into our maturity and ‘adulthood’. With ushering in a new era and it being our ‘sweet 16’, it was the perfect time for a change and embracing new beginnings.”

Phephile and Sue shared their thought process behind choosing the name ‘Nabantu’, saying, “We were ready to change our name and we wanted something that articulated and embraced our African heritage.”

Nabantu’s clients who attended the rebranding event reflected on their journey with the com- pany thus far. These are some of their thoughts on the new brand and the aspirations they have for the company moving forward:

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