Profiling Tools

Insights Discovery

Do you communicate with impact? Psychologist have shown that if I could speak to you in your language, you are more likely to trust me, listen to me and buy from me. Insights looks at your preferred communication style and how you are able to adapt in order to connect with those of a different style. It gives you the awareness of how to package your message in order for it to land and has the ability to improve interpersonal relationships. Teams who communicate powerfully, deliver effectively.

Insights Sales Effectiveness

How can your sales people build relationships and influence customers quickly and effectively? Our 24 module programme explores a sales professional’s skills, behaviours and attitudes at every stage of the sales process. You will become aware of your unique strengths and how to harness them to influence more powerfully, exceed customer expectations and your sales target. So too with your development areas, enabling you to design a plan of action to accelerate your productivity.

MBTI Profiling

Businesses know that their most valuable asset is their people. The MBTI Profiling tool serves to build stronger, more effective teams and healthier organisations by ensuring that you have the right people in the right positions to grow business. Highly spoken of as a means of self-discovery, MBTI Profiling empowers your people to truly be themselves whilst leveraging off the various strengths discovered within the team.


The Enneagram is a profiling model designed to create self-awareness and uncover patterns of behaviour that subconsciously motivate us to act in a particular way. It highlights our drivers for success, our avoidance behaviours as well as the factors that hold us back. It explores our current states of resilience, our levels of personal mastery and decision-making preferences. Integrating this awareness with growth builds leadership authenticity, potency and impact.

Gallup Strengths 2.0

What are your unique leadership strengths and how can you leverage them as drivers for success?  The Gallup Strengths Profile will outline your and your team’s top business strengths and together we explore how to harness those in the actioning of your strategy and results.

Leadership Character

A leader’s character has the ability to galvanise and unite, or demotivate and distract. It is the sum of your virtues, values and traits which, together with competence and commitment, are the elements that make a leader effective and respected. For many people, these elements remain undefined, even illusive. This programme not only helps you define but also deconstruct these fundamentals to make you a better leader.

360 Degree and Perceptual Audits

360 degree profiles provide individuals with the awareness and the resources to grow.  It reinforces positive behaviours as well as encourage latent strengths and surface potential areas for development. Feedback may be provided quantitively through customised and co-created questionaires or qualitatively through an interview process.

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