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Leadership Development Programme

There is a direct correlation between the quality of our relationships and the results we achieve. Sustainable, highly functional organisations are made up of individuals and teams, who have the ability to communicate effectively with themselves and others. We will help you build on your levels of self-awareness, communication skills, change agility, devise high performance strategies, or customise tools to enhance your performance as a leader.


Programmes include:

Custom Built Programmes

Perhaps you simply want to keep your team motivated. Or you wish to upskill them. Or you have specific problems that require resolution. Whatever your objectives are, Nabantu will work with you to unpack your requirements, explore underlying themes and identify appropriate solutions. We’ll design a solution unique to your needs, working together over the long term or addressing a specific issue in the short term. All our interventions strive to deliver sustainable and measurable outcomes.

Collaborative Intelligence

Collaborative Intelligence Quotient (CQ) is a measure of a person’s ability to think with other people, on behalf of what matters to them all. Teamwork is people working together, constantly producing the same or similar results. Collaboration is people working together to deliver something relevant to an ever changing world.

Emotional Intelligence

This programme develops an awareness of self and other people’s emotions and the ability to intuitively facilitate improved interactions based on this knowledge. EQ is something that can be learnt, AND unlearnt. It is a constant exercise in self-reflection, self-assessment and self-generation.

Candid Conversations

A Candid Conversation has the power to change the direction of an individual, a career or an organisation. Research conducted in 500 highly productive organisations indicated that a key-contributing factor to their success was the ability to have these open conversations. Our module provides tools to have robust and honest conversations, leading to strengthened relationships as you and your team strive together towards a common goal.

Leader as Coach

How much more effective would you be as a leader if you were able to Coach your staff rather than “telling” them what to do. Based on our extensive coaching experience, we’ve crafted a workshop to equip managers and leaders with the fundamentals of coaching. This is proven to enable team collaboration, foster more productive conversations and create a culture of accountability in your organisation.

Communicating with Impact

How well do you connect and resonate with your audience? Is your messaging compelling and distinctive? Our approach provides an understanding of the dynamics involved and how to harness these effectively. Great communication enables effective leadership, deeper relationships, credibility and a powerful presence.

Trusted Adviser

A key ingredient in any successful transactional process is trust. Being a Trusted Advisor sets you apart as a strategic business partner and gives you an advantage over your competitors. It has the power to differentiate order-takers from equal status collaborators. By unpacking the behaviours of a Trusted Advisor, delegates are able to identify and build their competence, foster sustainable business relationships, increase customer retention and efficiency in business deals.

Agile Leadership

Change is inevitable. For organisations to not only survive, but also flourish, agility has become non-negotiable. Your success as a leader will be determined by whether you are agile and resilient enough to adapt and excel. We equip leaders to work with change in a constructive and creative manner in order to anticipate and shape the future. Engaging with change is not a singular activity but requires alignment and collaboration and we share with you how to communicate this for your team.

Personal Effectiveness

Leadership starts from within. Leaders who propel the organisation in a new direction must look inward as well as outward. Organisations don’t change, people do, and the change starts with you. To what extent is your ‘way of being’ closing down opportunities or opening up possibilities? This module develops competencies for self-observation that allows for self-correction and an openness to identifying opportunities.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is the combination of a company's mission, strategies, and practices to support a diverse workplace and leverage this diversity to achieve a competitive business advantage. Companies with greater gender, ethnic, and cultural diversity in their teams outperform peers on profitability. Our approach assists organisations in recognising deep-seated assumptions about power, privilege and the ‘isms’ in your organisations. We encourage candid dialogue and safe engagement on what can be sensitive topics.

Paths of Excellence

Nabantu lives by the philosophy that when equipped with the right opportunities and input, people and organisations can shape the future that they desire. Over the years, Nabantu has developed and presented a series of modules under the name Paths of Excellence. The programme encourages personal and professional effectiveness within individuals. It is designed to enable people to harness their potential and to create a reality that they deeply desire. Each programme is customised to align to the vision of the organisation and any specific team challenges that are faced.

Delegating Successfully

We make hundreds of requests on a daily basis. Yet, many of these requests are not sufficiently met or not met at all. The way we delegate directly influences our effectiveness.  Our workshop focuses on your unique challenges around making requests and how this can be remedied. We provide guidelines to reduce misunderstandings, prevent duplication and deal with conflict. Effective requests create an environment of greater efficiency, alignment and clarity in communication.

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