Leadership Strategy

We help you articulate, define and unpack your leadership requirements. We integrate new practices that close the gap between your company goals and the desired leadership impact. We ask the right questions and engage closely and collaboratively to align your leadership competencies with the changing needs of your organisation. So that you can grow better. Lead better. With your people.

Leadership Development

Individuals, teams and organisations are on a path that either encourages purposeful and sustainable growth or stifles it. Leadership development ignites your potential for both individual and team growth. Our modules build greater self and social awareness. We provide cutting edge business models and tools to unlock thinking and conversation. This builds sustainable relationships and ultimately leads to a noted improvement in the way that you lead.

We co-create the approach with you. Some modules may include:
Purpose and value
Agile leadership
Delegating successfully
Personal effectiveness
Candid conversations
Authentic teamwork

Executive Coaching

The way we think and how we perceive situations shapes the connections and opportunities available to us.  Executive coaching facilitates the necessary shifts in thinking and behaviour to manage the challenges that leaders face. Nabantu integrates new ideas and fresh thinking that enable high performing individuals to increase influence and improve impact.

Leading Change

Change is inevitable and the rate of change is increasing exponentially. Leading change offers leaders the opportunity to renew and adapt mindsets to prosper in new contexts. Whether it be a restructure, a change in processes or technology, the way we respond to this change has profound implications.

Leader as Coach

This powerful tool enables leaders to apply coaching techniques rather than “telling” their staff what to do. Based on our extensive coaching experience, we’ve crafted a workshop to equip managers and leaders with the fundamentals of coaching. This fosters better team collaboration, more productive conversations and a high-performance culture in your organisation.


Leadership Perception Audit

Leaders seldom get the opportunity to receive real and meaningful feedback from their colleagues or clients. Each leader has a perception of themselves in the business environment, in the industry, in their teams and in relation to others. This is an opportunity to re-think and re-style themselves in response to an ever-changing business environment. This process provides constructive feedback and dialogue whilst adding value to the focus and design of the leader’s future.    

Leadership Brand & Reputation

A leadership brand conveys your identity and distinct character as a leader. It communicates the value you bring. A strong brand allows the essence, the power and effectiveness of your leadership to become known to your colleagues and stakeholders. We support you in focusing on what you want to be known for and how to embody this in actions, behaviours and strategic choices.  

Languaging for Leaders

Language does more than describe reality - it generates reality. Conversational expertise is a key pillar in navigating the intricacies of change in the workplace and is a core professional competence. Our workshop outlines the interplay of speaking and listening and highlights where misunderstandings often occur. We explore linguistic acts and how these form the foundation of communication. The effective application of linguistic acts leads to desired outputs and behaviours. Make use of this opportunity to motivate meaningful contributions in your business.

Perception Management

Who you are does not drive other’s perceptions. Who they think you are, is their truth and they base decisions about your proposal, your career, you future, based on their perception of who you are.  It is imperative to not only create positive perceptions but also to reinforce and manage them through purposeful actions.  This creates a positive feedback loop and reinforces favourable perceptions.

Emotional Learning for Better Leadership

Moods and emotions are drivers for action and are always present, whether we are aware of them or not. The mood you are in either opens up possibilities or closes them down and thus generates your reality. It is crucial for leaders to recognise and manage moods and emotions within themselves and within others. Our workshop provides models and develops self-awareness for you to observe and shift moods in order to enhance the quality of conversations, the decisions made and the impact of your actions.

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