Internal Communication


Strategy Communication

Nabantu collaborates with you in unpacking your strategy so that your employees believe in and commit to delivering on the strategy. We articulate your strategy in a way that achieves resonance with each person and their role. Clarity and understanding empowers each role to comprehend exactly what to do in order to meet the strategic goals. Communication acts as a vehicle to rally the organisation behind strategic objectives and equips leaders to take their teams on the journey of communicating milestones, inspiring commitment to achieving those and rewarding them once achieved.

Change Communication

Change is inevitable and the rate of change is increasing exponentially. Communicating change offers leaders the opportunity to renew and adapt mindsets to prosper in new contexts. Equipping you with the language to address your organisational needs to ensure a smooth transition. Whether it be a restructure, a change in processes or technology, the way we communicate this change has profound implications.

People Practices (HR) Communications

People Practises defines the employee experience in an organisation. The processes around how people are recruited, inducted, how their performance is measured and rewarded, are but a few elements of people practises that directly affect the engagement levels seen in your organisation. We equip line managers to be custodians of the employee-organisation relationship to ensure effective communications based on each employee’s role and desired outputs. We partner with you in aligning the people practises to the culture and strategy of your organisation.

Channel Makeovers

Your organisation’s internal communication channels should be engaging and have measurable evidence of this engagement. Our channel makeovers ensures that essential messages reach employees in a manner that is easy to digest and act upon. We audit the channels used internally and their effectiveness. Nabantu collaborates with you to find the most effective channel for each message so that your organisation connects with each message sent. This brings targeted effort to your organisation’s communication objectives and how they are met through each selected channel.

Content Development

We ensure that the right message reaches the right people in your organisation with resonance. Often an organisation does not have enough time and capacity to generate and develop content. Here at Nabantu, we have the resources to create, write and edit meaningful content for your channels. Combined with our coaching experience we have a sensitivity in our messaging that encourages maximum engagement, on the right platform, to ensure reach and accessibility.


An important part of research is the ability to measure impact in relation to desired outcomes. Unlike traditional methods, our interviews are conducted by Executive Coaches that ensure important insights are surfaced. The essence often lies in what’s not being said or how it’s being said and gives employees the opportunity to truly be heard and to give input. The Nabantu way informs the quantitive approach with the qualitative findings enabling a broader scope of understanding and provides the ability to measure shifts achieved.

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