Culture, Change and Employee Engagement


Culture Activation

Culture is built on purpose and values. It is the way you do things in an organisation that defines how people behave, interact and deliver on their performance goals. Culture must enable the company strategy. Our unique methodology is collaborative and drives buy-in through a bottom-up approach. This cross functional process/network approach establishes equality in all voices to create and define the organisation's desired culture. Nabantu creates sustainable shifts in your companies’ culture, driving performance and employee engagement.

Change Management & Communication

Organisations exist in an ever-changing environment and need to remain agile in adapting to this change. Any change process, if not handled effectively, can break down relationships, decrease profits and inhibit innovation. We support employees in the change processes to make efficient shifts and assist organisations to communicate change effectively. The Nabantu approach takes employees on a journey that increases levels of engagement and output.

Employee Engagement

Employees that are engaged with the vision and purpose of the organisation create high performing teams that outperform their competitors. The Nabantu approach is to generate a sense of value around each employee and their individual contribution. This encourages staff to own and commit to the company strategy and its milestones.  We collaborate with individuals, teams and leaders to co-create the journey, inspire buy-in and urge mutual accountability.


An important part of research is the ability to measure impact in relation to desired outcomes. Unlike traditional methods, our interviews are conducted by Executive Coaches that ensure important insights are surfaced. The essence often lies in what’s not being said or how it’s being said and gives employees the opportunity to truly be heard and to give input. The Nabantu way informs the quantitive approach with the qualitative findings enabling a broader scope of understanding and provides the ability to measure shifts achieved.

Internal Brand Building

Internal Brand Building speaks to the development of individual pride in working for an organisation. This pride is instilled in the employees to encourage an active contribution to the organisation’s success. Internal Brand Building creates a feeling of being taken care of, not just being a number. This investment in the individual encourages reciprocation by employees of going that extra mile which positively and directly impacts the bottom line.

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