Phephile Simelane

Executive Director

Phephile’s background reflects her strengths in strategy, communication, and organisational effectiveness. She believes in the importance of partnering with leaders to create meaningful work environments for employees, whilst delivering on business strategy and customer experience objectives. She co-creates sustainable behavioural change through collaboration.


Sue Welman


Sue is curious about individual and organisational drivers for success and conversations for possibility. She strives to create a clear approach to the complex and sensitive issues associated with interactions in business settings.  As a PCC coach she is passionate about the self-awareness that enables perception management – as perception in business drives careers. She is a trusted advisor to her clients in co-defining engagements that solve for sustainable change. Sue believes that work should be fun.


Gaelebale Nkosi

Senior Project Manager

Gaelebale specialises in brand strategy, communication and marketing. She ensures that the strategies developed are implemented creatively and comprehensively. With a keen eye for building bridges between engagement and strategic goals, every project is treated as an opportunity to truly change the efficiency around how we work as leaders and employees. Gae executes with purpose, care and alignment to your vision.


Celeste Bradley

Office Manager 

Celeste is the co-ordinator of this interconnected and intricate web of happening and becoming. With an extensive history in various administrative, project and client management. While implementing an effective work environment, her know-how and ability to face challenges will ensure that she gets the job done on time. Celeste’s management skills range from being responsible for the effective role and efficiency at executing tasks bringing a much-needed balance to our organisational support and performance. She is the reason that we all remain sane. We leave you all in her capable hands more often than you know.


Mutinta Simelane 

Project Manager 

Mutinta is a multifaceted Project Manager with the ability to faultlessly adapt across industries. Mutinta has managed projects both locally and internationally with quality, attention to detail and accountability, making Mutinta a valuable member of the Nabantu team. Her know-how and ability to face challenges will ensure that your project is completed successfully and on time.  Operating with heart and efficiency is personified by Mutinta.


Ndumiso Nyoni 

Multimedia Designer

An award-winning illustrator and motion design enthusiast, Ndumiso Nyoni is a creative with a refreshing outlook on multimedia design. His work boasts a combination of African themes fused with contemporary media, often purposefully, yet playfully, using geometric design in the compilation of his striking images. “Being an artist is not only an opportunity to create beauty in images, I feel like it is also an opportunity to tell a story about our continent, our people, our cultures and our resilience.”


Khutso Selotole

Multimedia Designer

Khutso is an innovative multimedia designer who brings conceptual executions unique to each client. She is seamlessly able to bring our clients’ intention and tonality alive through illustrations and animation. Khutso has a novel outlook on the concept of design. Her quirky and versatile creations make her an asset to creating a visual language of the passion we have, here at Nabantu.


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